Team Charter

Lottie Kendall’s Team Charter


Our Enduring Purpose

We bring value to people by listening to them and helping them achieve their real estate goals.

Our Future Focus

  • We enjoy a supportive, encouraging, fun work environment, and celebrate our successes
  • We are committed to excellence and to providing world-class service to our clients
  • We increase positive attitudes toward our profession through our actions

Who We Are

  • We are integrity powered
  • We are honest
  • We are caring
  • We are life-long learners
  • We are happy
  • We are thankful

What We Do

  • We work together as a cohesive team
  • We believe in the possibility of every idea
  • We treat everyone with respect and caring
  • We value clear, honest & open communication
  • We lead well-balanced lives
  • We attract success by who we are

What We Know

  • Challenges are opportunities, not stumbling blocks
  • Life is a journey of opportunities
  • Everything we do counts, and is a reflection of who we are
  • We will not always do things right, but we will always do the right thing
  • Excellence enlightens everyone’s life
  • That which we persist in doing becomes easier

Our Promise

We promise to be true to our enduring purpose, make every possible effort to achieve our future focus and take consistent action in line with who are, what we do and what we know.