Nathan N.

“Lottie Kendall was an absolute joy to work with! Her professionalism and desire to work through issues for the best of all parties made the transaction smooth and simple. Her understanding of the contracts also enabled a trouble free transaction as there were no misunderstandings between either party. It would be wonderful if each agent was as trained and dedicated as Lottie! I can’t wait to work alongside her again.”

Richard K.

“Diligence and professionalism sums it up!!”

Jerry B.

“Thanks again for your superior work in our behalf. You have made this a pleasurable experience because of your patience, perseverance and exceptional competence. We learned to respect your judgment and valued your advice throughout the process. I’m sure there are some realtors that just want the sale. You, obviously, strive for more than that. You want a satisfied client.”

Nita E.

“Your feedback and follow through were great. Thanks for your expertise; everything went like clockwork, from beginning through closing…I’ve bought and sold many properties over the years and not one went this well…I thank you for respecting my wishes and not being pushy. Thanks for going the extra mile..You are very professional in a soft way. I would recommend you and RE/MAX Today to anyone I care about. I can’t say thanks enough.”

Beth C.

“Congratulations on selling my parents home so very quickly! Wow!!!! you are an incredible lady, and made the transition so easy for us…I am so improessed with how fast it alll went! Mom and Dad are so thrilled, as I am!”

Amy P.

“When we were ready to go, Lottie called in the troops, and her team of experts went to work…All of this effort paid off…we sold in ONE WEEK! Lottie is a true professional…We couldn’t be more thrilled with the end result, a new larger home for our growing family, plus the quick sale of our existing home. THANKS LOTTIE!”

Mike B.

“We’re very happy in our new home and are very glad that you were a part of making that happen.”

Dave H.

“And thank you so much for all your help and patience and time along the way. You did a great job working with us despite a very tough market for buyers combined with some finicky tastes and desires on our part.”

Hilary H.

“C.H. called to say how much he liked working with you. He said he loved how attentive you are and how good you are at follow through. I told him that’s one of the reasons I liked working with you so much. You are one of those people that I can always recommend with confidence.”

Suzy J.

“I’m not sure how we could have done it without having you hold our hands every step of the way. Thank you for all of your support and time spent… finding us the perfect home.”

Janet B.

“Jerry and I enjoyed working with you, so very much… you found the perfect (home) for us.”

Joe L.

“I love Evelyn Terrace…thanks again for helping me find the place.”

Hilary H.

“Lottie Kendall is the most caring and diligent agent. I particularly liked that she wasn’t pushy like so many other agents I’ve met. I really trusted her. She’s also been great after the sale in answering my tax questions, etc.”

Dave H.

“I have no problem recommending you without hesitation and will gladly do so should the opportunity arise.”

David H.

“So, I’ve found my preferred local appliance repair guy – and you continue to earn chits with another great recommendation. Thank you!!”

Jerry B.

“Thanks for the information. Yet another example of your excellent service.”

Anupama P.

“Thank you for all your help…You have been a wonderful Realtor. We will find a way of working together again in the future.”

L.I. and L.K.

“It [working with you] was a great experience. We could tell that you worked hard, long hours but were still cheerful & helpful. We trusted you and would recommend you to friends and family.”

Diana Y.

“I had a very bad experience before coming to you. It was like night and day–in a bad market, you kept my spirits up, negotiated a sale with professionalism and saw us through the move. Thanks.”

“You were perfect…Almost everything you did surpassed any expectations–the whole business became livable-communication in particular.”